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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

What's So Relaxing About a Murder-by-Treetop Ballad?

Philosotoddler has a point.  Source:

This past weekend, my boys wanted to play "baby."  I had such a woah-time-is-going-way-too-fast moment strike as I cradled them in my arms.  It especially resonated with my older son, my first baby, as all four feet plus of him and his long, lean limbs stretched far beyond my lap.

A friend and I recently discussed that while we may be picky about what movies we play in our home, we're unlikely to ever censor their book choices.  Yet when they were itty bitty, I did occasionally employ creative editing of some morbid lullabies and nursery rhymes.

If, like me, you've wondered why anyone would write lyrics about a child falling to their presumed death, let alone sing it to put children to sleep, perhaps you'd like my reworked Rock-a-Bye Baby!

Rock-a-bye baby
In mommy's arms
While you are here, you'll come to no harm
You know that I love you
And you know that daddy does too

Are there any songs or stories that disturbed you enough to change them when sharing with your kids?

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