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Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day!

I love many things about the development we live in.  One thing that I greatly appreciate is that around American holidays, they decorate in front of the entrance of every neighborhood by planting flags.

Slim asked me why the flags were up this weekend and then what Memorial Day was; we had a fun and funny little conversation that went like this:

Me, "It is a holiday to honor and celebrate the soldiers who keep our country safe."

Slim, "I think we also dress up in costumes of what we want to be when we're a grown up.  Some people dress like soldiers.  I'm going to dress like an alligator hunter.  That's what I want to be."

Me, puzzled as to where this idea came from and prepared to ask where in the world the idea came from when Slim went on, "alligators don't eat bathing suits you know.  So that's what I'll wear."

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