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Monday, May 30, 2011

On the Road Again

R has accepted a phenomenal job opportunity in Kansas City, MO. So, we're moving. Again. For the way too many timeth in four years. I am excited, but also nervous/frustrated/annoyed by having to move. Because did I mention again? Mostly, I'd classify myself as excited though.
Our Melissa & Doug map puzzle came in handy to count and show all the states we've lived in and visited.

17 states!  That's how many the older one has been to.  We counted and Slim has been to just one state less than me (I've been to West Virginia and he hasn't)  Curly will be at 14 states soon.  And we'll be adding on even more states to the list when we move.  You are aware that they're only two and four, right?  I don't think I had been to 14 states until I was nearly 14!  Not to mention that my first plane trip was when I was 18 and the boys have their own frequent flyer numbers.  Craziness.

A big positive right now?  Aside from the opportunity to build a life in a place that's been rated amongst the top places to raise a family?  Imagining my dream home.  There were bits and pieces of each home we've owned that I wish I could pick apart to combine my ideal place.  The quick and easy way to play that game is to say that I'd take the OH house with the FL view and plop it in PA.  
PA - Couldn't find any pictures of the door painted red

PA - Hannah enjoying the backyard.  I loved that fence!

OH - Toddler Slim toddling along picking dandelions

OH - the view from my kitchen window

OH - we didn't get to use it enough, but it was nice having a playset in the backyard

FL - beautiful Palm trees, but even at Halloween it's still hot and sweaty!

FL - the thing I'll miss most about this house is the gorgeous view

 Things I would love in my next home?

Built-in bookshelves.  Brown walls with black and white photos.  An ottoman for a coffee table

A useful, organized entryway

Some kind of funky tile in the kitchen

Bench seating.  I prefer something more rustic than this.

However, the modernity of this and the ability to tuck it back against the wall is cool too.  Plus, I adore the idea of that wall, although not the design of it entirely.

A playroom that looks more like a classroom.

A deck with some privacy and a pergola.

Another view of above

Am I going to get all of these things?  No, of course not.  But it really appeals to the planner in me to think of all the potential of a new home.

So, what's Kansas City like? Outside of what I can find on Google. What does a real person who has lived or visited that part of the country think?

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