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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I Run So I Don't Run Away

I wish I could take credit for the title, but it's a paraphrase of one of the shirts in the Run Like a Mother - the book store.  By the way, if you're ever inclined to get me a present, I'd happily accept any of the shirts from that store.  Or a running skirt.  Or the Bondi Band that sums up my relationship with running that reads, "I love running. I hate running.  I love running.  I hate running."

Running gives me a little bit of alone time, so I can better appreciate the time I do spend with my kids.  The endorphins from the runner's high help me coast through the day as a happier, more patient mom.  It's my sanity saver!

The next race I want to do is the Monadnock 5k while I'm in NH this summer.  I'm also considering having Slim participate in the fun run.  Both boys love to run and I want to do everything to encourage them along that path.

Here's the email response from one of the race directors.  I think it's pretty kickass!  A thoughtful and great race director makes for a fun race in my experience!

Awesome!  I am not sure if you have ever been here before, but it is a beautiful area to run a race.
At this point we plan on starting the 5K at the same time as the Half (9am).  This way we are done
before the hotter part of the day....although I know that is a relative term coming from Florida!
(It's 47 as I type this) 

We have people coming from 3 different time zones so it will be a good
sized, but fun race.  We really try to make it an overall great experience starting from the health
expo the night before, cheer stations during the race and a great finish line "party".  The medals and
t-shirts will be something you'll be proud to wear.

We haven't solidified the Fun Run time yet, but it wont be during the 5K.  We are thinking 8:30.  The
distance is still yet undetermined as well....but let me put it to you this way.  My co-director and I
are also parents (6  kids between the 2 families), ages 3-11.  They have all (except my youngest) have
participated in 5K's and fun runs of all types. SO, with that we will make sure that it is the proper
distance....and includes the proper Fun Factor.  (our wives wont let us make anything too long or
something that isn't fun)

I hope this helps and we look forward to seeing everyone here in Aug.  If you "friend" our race page
on Facebook, you can get some updates and inside info that we will not be releasing anywhere else.
Chris Bernier

Already liked!  Now my friend, her sister-in-law and I just need to sign up. 

I'm also planning my next half marathon.  Any suggestions for ones I should check out?

And, in case you weren't aware, today is National Running Day, so get out there.  I'll be on the treadmill since I'm a temporary single mom the next several weeks, but I'll be running!

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