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Monday, July 30, 2012

Happy Birthday Hannah!

Happy Birthday Hannah!  Today On July 27 (but I didn't post this then) you turn turned eleven!
Hannah, at 7 in 2008.  This is my favorite picture of her.

On July 27, 2001, R and I moved in together, several states away from our families.  So though we adopted you in October that year, we selected your birthday as one that we (who am I kidding? that I) would always remember for its significance. 

It was only a few short weeks post September 11th and R and I were discussing wanting a pet.  I think we wanted to fill the void in our hearts, we wanted something innocent to cherish and protect, we wanted a semblance of Rockwellian ordinary life, and we wanted to feel more like a family unit.  Maybe.  I don't know.  We were on the young side of twenty, practically still kids. 

The day we brought her home, in 2001.  Still nameless at this point.

When we walked into the PetSmart adoption event, we actually were looking for a cat.  After all, at the time we lived in a one bedroom apartment and both had full time jobs.  I had normal hours, in a bank, but R was a restaurant manager at the time, and there was no normal.  There were no cats that day, but several adorable puppies.  None were siblings.  All the dogs were different breeds.  I remember another couple chose an all black dog and were wandering around the aisles looking for leather accessories - including biker jacket - for their new addition, Harley.

The moment you were placed in my arms by the rescue shelter volunteer, there was no giving you back.  You owned my heart that quickly.

Choosing a name for you took a couple of hours.  See, we'd picked out a name for a cat (Philly, after the city) but it just seemed silly on you.  I don't recall all of the names we tossed around.  But I know it was me who said, "Hannah?" while we walked you outside, on the apartment's common grounds, and you perked right up.  It was settled.  Hannah Banana Lastname was officially ours.

Like a seed, watch me grow.  2002

I love you.  Even though I know you likely felt less in our eyes when we started having babies and adopted more pets into our menagerie.  Even though you never did stop barking at every Tom, Dick, and Hairy creature that walked past our house or dared saunter into your yard.  Even though you are a naughty, tricksy food thief.

A nanny dog for Slim, in 2006.

I'm not ready to say good-bye yet.  And though you are not at a point where I'd have to, you are showing your age more lately.  My puppy has more aches and pains and isn't quite so spry, my sweet girl can occasionally be like a crotchety old man.  Just promise me, that when the time comes, you let me know.  Shh, yes, I am crying, don't look at me like that Hannah.  I hope I am giving you a good life.  Because I know you help make mine richer.

Having a younger dog around helps keep her young, I think.  2011


  1. Very sweet. Happy belated birthday, Hannah! She reminds me a bit of my McKenna, who I miss so much.

    1. Thanks for the birthday wishes for Hannah! What kind of dog was McKenna? Hannah is a mutt and the best guess any vet has offered is that she has some Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever in her

  2. She is sooooo cute. Reading your post made ME cry!!!! Such a sweet girl Hannah is....