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Tuesday, July 17, 2012


I have wanted a tattoo for a long time.  As in, over a decade.  I've debated over what, if, where.  One of my Pinterest boards is dedicated to inspiration and tattoos that please me aesthetically.

A pin that I kept coming back to was:

Source: via Meghan on Pinterest

Cottonwood trees mean nothing to me, but I admire the way the leaves follow the contours of the body.  I finally settled the debate; I want a leaf (or leaves) tattoo.  But it has to be more than just a pretty picture.  What leaf is tied to a memory?

That would be the ginkgo, The Living Dinosaur.

If you "like" my blog page on Facebook, you may have noticed my cover photo of ginkgo leaves.

Source: via Meghan on Pinterest

When I was a little girl, I often spent part of recess making bouquets from the ginkgo leaves that fell on my elementary school playground.

And on my last evening LLL meeting in Kansas, as I walked into the hospital, I stepped over fallen ginkgo leaves.  I picked one up.  Then, at the park where Slim's preschool graduation was held, a place we'd been several times, I noticed the ginkgo trees.  I grabbed some leaves.  They are all now pressed in a beloved book.  On my last morning LLL meeting in Kansas, a fellow Leader's son was wearing a shirt on which she'd embroidered a ginkgo leaf.  Sign, sign, everywhere a sign. It's meant to be.  The only question left to answer is when?

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  1. Hi, just thought I would let you know there is a great link to the symbolism behind gingko leaves on one of my own tattoo interest boards on Pinterest. The name of the board is Ink Options and the subject picture is of a stylized dragonfly down the nape of the neck. The link is off the pin that has gingko shaped flags depicted in a circle. Hope this helps!