Megali - adjective, noun - adjective 1. great or big in Greek -noun 1.. A nickname derived from my first and middle names

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hi! I'm Megali

Hi!  I'm Megali.  Yes, that's really my name.  Sort of.  Well, it's a nickname that mashes together my first and middle names anyway.

I'm Mom to Slim (4) and Curly (2).  Yes, we call them that.  Sometimes.  Amongst other things, like their real names.  But they're gambler-like monikers earned because the older one is (who'd have thunk it?) slim and the younger one (imagine that!) has curly hair.  Slim decided my old-timey sobriquet should be Freckles, because I have a lot of them.  I'm gonna stick with Megali here though.

I'm wife to R.  He doesn't really have a nickname.  R is a college president who commutes 99 miles twice a day.

We live in FL, by way of OH, DE, and NC.  But I'm originally from PA.

So, why am I blogging?  I enjoy reading others' blogs and I want a chance to post about what interests me and share it with you.

What can you expect to read here?  Things that interest me and I hope will interest you.  Topics will run the gamut from parenting, running, and couponing to daily life, weight loss, and product testing.

Why the title A Megali Life?  It's not just my name, but Megali also means great in Greek, notably in the "Megali Idea" or "Grand Idea", a Greek nationalist concept.  I mean nothing political by my blog title; I simply like the notion of having my nickname and my life translate to "A Great Life", because who doesn't want that?

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