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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Just Change My Last Name to Murphy!

You know, as in "anything that can go wrong will go wrong".  Long time no post and that's because of a series of events, both frustrating and busy making, this month, topped off by this:

Welcome to my lovely abode!  Don't you just love my cement slab flooring and industrial strength flood restoration fans?
This one not only showcases the damage, but also my great housekeeping skills when it comes to wiping fingerprints off the sliding glass.  Eh.  It's one of those losing battles some days weeks, but it eventually gets done.

I think we had nearly 20 of these air movers in the house.  And around 5 of the big dehumidifiers that made the house H-O-T!
Moral of the story?  Never, ever leave your house until you're sure that the toilet has stopped running after its been flushed.  Otherwise, you'll need to replace flooring in half your home, have to set your air conditioner at the same temperature as it is outside (88 to 89 degrees - this is FL afterall) so it doesn't overload, deal with circuits tripping and not having access to the computer or *eek* the internet, feel your ears ringing for hours after you leave the house because the fans are uber-loud. 

But at least I'll get new flooring.  After the deductible.  Someday.  When that day is, I don't know yet.

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