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Friday, April 6, 2012


Too true. Since I posted this, I discovered the source of the picture.  Buy here:
I love those moments when children surprise you.  In a positive way, not when they flour bomb the floor like it's Kim Kardashian.  I'm talking about the times when their inherent wisdom, humor, and awesomeness shine through and you realize, nay remember, the capacity for kids to be so stinking wise, funny, and awesome is deep and wide.  Slim reminded me of this recently.

With preparing for an impending move and running a household of two wild and crazy guys and five animals by myself, I've been understandably stressed.  One day I wasn't being the kindest mom.  I am a big believer that parents are not exempt from making mistakes.  This is a short article that articulates my beliefs about why and how to make peace with your child.  I told the kids that I was sorry I was being mean and that I felt overwhelmed about the move and leaving Kansas and our friends here.  I explained that I needed to find a better way to express my frustrations without yelling.

Slim told me, "Mom, you just need to pretend your friends are your family.  Then they will always be in your heart and you won't miss them."


A few days later as we were recounting the story to a friend, he went on "And they'll be in your brain and you won't ever forget them."

Damn! Kid, you are my Yoda.

Playing surgeon at KidScape

Within about the same time period, we made a visit to KidScape, a permanent "hands-on suburban streetscape for kids to explore community" at Johnson County Museum.  There is a hospital setup within the exhibit, complete with OR.  Open the doors on the patient's chest that you see above and you discover an organ puzzle.  Drs. Slim and Curly gleefully removed the organs.  When Slim took out the heart he declared, "The man has no heart.  He can't love anymore."

I have no heart related Curly anecdotes, but I wanted to share a few cute things he's done or said lately:
  • I use my regular vocabulary around the boys, which consists of occasional big words.  I also use I feel _____ when _____ statements.  Curly has picked up on both the words and the statements.  He has taken to saying, "I feel irrited (meaning irritated) because (I can't play, I want a lollipop, you are taking me on a boring errand ...)
  • I think, thanks to the nursing relationship with each boy, I have been my sons' "lovey".  It is less apparent now that Slim is getting older, although he still is such a sweet cuddlebug.  But Curly, in the last few months, has taken to gently rubbing my ear lobes when I hold him or as we lay next to each other as I'm getting him down to sleep.  It feels nice and I find it as relaxing as he does. 
  • He hero worships Slim.  "I love you my brudder."
  • In less than two weeks, my baby boy will truly no longer be a baby - he is turning three!  But if you ask him how old he'll be?  "Four, then six, then eight, nine, ten ..." and on and on.  Curly just wants to bypass this year for some reason.

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