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Friday, April 20, 2012


I love Pinterest. Really love it.  It gives me all sorts of ideas that I wasn't creative enough to come up with or execute on my own.  And it helps me, as a visual person, to store thoughts and favorite blog posts in one place.

It is a fantastic source for free printables!  I wanted to share a few that I've used recently. 

I sent the above cards to friends, who are indeed dear to me (go, puns!) in celebration of the birth of their son.

These were two activities I printed in preparation of hanging out with a friend's children.  With the top one, the last time I had helped with her three, I slapped together a quick treasure hunt.  I thought it'd be fun to always have a scavenger hunt on the ready and they can be stored in an empty Altoid tin! 

Mr Printables = AMAZING!  They offer endless free learning printables for the kiddos.

And then there are the ones that I have downloaded, but am waiting to print.

I've selected most of the states that I've called home to frame in a planned printable collage.  Not all 50 states available.  Sorry, New Hampshire, amongst others.

This alphabet bunting has all letters, which come in different patterns and colors, including a heart spacer.  I thought it might be nice to use to separate Slim's half of the shared bedroom from Curly's.  Perhaps just over their beds?

I suggest if you find a free printable that you like and it's downloadable, download it right away.  Sometimes printables are not free forever or the creator removes the ability to print or download.  I love that so many people who are more artistic and computer savvy than I make the printables available, even for a short time!

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