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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Inspiring Playgrounds

I hope you like The Playground Series.  I have several blogs backlogged for the series, even if you don't!

The boys and I have been having fun exploring parks throughout Johnson County.  Does it sound like there's a "but" there?  That's sort of because there is.  It's been good to get outside and play and check out all the parks in the area, but the play equipment all starts looking the same after a while.  In fact, some of the playground structures are virtually identical, just set up in different parks.

To break the monotony and give myself some eye candy, I went on an internet search for unique playgrounds.  I'm sharing the highlights with you!

Flavorwire put together a list of 15 amazing playgrounds from all over the world.  These three really struck my fancy!

The Blue Whale in Plikta park, Gothenburg, Sweden. Designed by Monstrum.

Reenacting the story of Jonah.  Or Pinocchio.  The whale's "baleen" teeth are so clever.

The Forest of Cherry Blossoms at Moerenuma Park, Hokkaido, Japan. Designed by Isamu Noguchi. [Photos via]

Playground as modern art.  Or modern art as playground?

Woods of Net in Hakone, Japan. Designed by Toshiko Horiuchi Macadam. [Photo via]

It looks like someone yarn-bombed the park.  Beautiful.

KaBOOM!, the national nonprofit dedicated to saving play for America’s children, showcases a ton of cool playgrounds on their blog. 

They give some answers to the question, what sets a playground above the rest?

Imagination Playground is a playground in a box and lets children build their own playground structures.

It looks straight out of the minds of Tim Burton or Dr. Seuss, Landal Miggelenberg in the Netherlands is the kind of playground I wish we had more of in the United States.

The play ship at Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Playground invites imaginative play.  When you click through to additional pictures, there's something very reminiscent of Peter Pan and the Lost Boys about it all.

I still love playgrounds.  My guys definitely love them.  I'm not burnt out on them - that would take a lot!  I just wish for more innovation and visual appeal.  Look for my upcoming post on Black Hoof Park, a playground in the area that delivers well on the first and the location adds to the second.

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