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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Teachers Live at School

Slim's teachers this year have been wonderful.  I love his school.  This is the first of his three school experiences so far, that he never once complained about not wanting to attend.  They rock and I'm sad Curly won't get to go, as he was welcomed heartily into the school family as evident in the way he was so kindly treated the times I brought him with me when I volunteered.

As thanks for all that, plus a little friendly payback for learning I'm as pretty as a bug, I decided to question Slim about his teachers' predilections. While pinning, I came across a perfect free printable courtesy of Busy Kids = Happy Mom, who somehow (must have been magic!) took my very thoughts out of my head and wrote them in her blog,

"Kids believe the funniest things! It's time to interview them and see what they think the facts are about their teachers. Did you love receiving those adorable interviews about you for Mother's Day? Your child's teacher took the time to make notes about YOU, now it's time to turn to share the love!"

We did this and it was as hysterical as I expected!

The bold part is what was pre-printed and I wrote out Slim's answers as dictated.  The addendum I made are clarified in italics.

My teacher's name is: Names redacted for protection of the innocent, but we'll call them Miss Short Hair and Miss Long Hair so that I can keep it straight.  Miss Short Hair/Miss Long Hair
She live in: the school/Kansas
She is _____ years old: 5/6
Her favorite food is: peanuts/salad
Her favorite drink is: lemonade/pink lemonade
She likes to wear: special pins/shorts and pants
Her favorite book is: a magazine/a magazine too
If she has free time, she likes to: sit and watch people/twirl her legs
Her favorite thing to do is: (after he said, yell at people - which I don't get because I've been in that classroom both at set times or just dropping in and they aren't yellers.  Nor has he ever mentioned them yelling) drinking soda/drinking water
She is REALLY good at: running really fast/having staring contests

I also put together an easy end of year present for them.  We had already contributed to the class gift, so I didn't go all out as some of my gift ideas that I had pinned.  First of all, I frankly had no inclination because of the move.  Secondly, I don't want to do something cute, but impractical.  And I've gathered over the course of the year that they appreciate caffeine.

Which meant, the thanks a "latte" idea from eighteen25 was the way to go.  I didn't take pictures of how mine turned out, but it was similar.  Instead of string to hold it together, I attached the gift card to the corrugated cardboard with a small clothespin.  Easy, peasy.

Tomorrow is Slim's graduation from preschool.  I've been holding in all the tears from saying good-bye to our Kansas friends.  Although I know I'll cry tomorrow (because I am the woman who bawled at the Home Depot commercial from the Super Bowl several years back), I just hope that once I release the tears, the dam doesn't break and make it turn into an ugly cry!

I think I need to watch the aforementioned commercial several times in succession to steel myself.  Or maybe that will make it worse?

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