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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Slim & Curly - A Snapshot in Words

My three year old is freshly minted.

Now that the weather is warmer, he's moving beyond the notion that a shirt is not worth his time unless it has a hoodie.

He has mispronunciations I find endearing.  When he finds something gross, he declares it uh-sgusting.  Fox sounds more like box out of his mouth.

I love discovering and rediscovering how outgoing he can be, even when not with his brother.

My five and a half year old is insistent on adding the half.

Now that the school year is drawing to a close and we are approaching our farewell Kansas date, he's concerned, for the first time in all our moves, about not just missing his old friends, but making new ones.

He has writing quirks I find delightful.  One of the letters of his name is always written backwards, just like Andy in Toy Story.

I love watching him read to his brother. 

This is where they are in the middle of Spring 2012.  A snapshot in words.

Also, an actual snapshot.

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