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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My First Marathon - an update!

I shared how I am particpating in the Joggermom Marathon and promised to keep you, dear readers, up to date on my progress.

Here we are, in the middle of the month, and I'm not as close to 26.2 miles as I'd like.  I'm preoccupied with the move and I hurt my ankle enough to rest it for a bit, so I'm only about 9 miles in. 

However, I am committed to completing this, despite the distractions.  One way I've figured out how to do this and get the family involved is to play tag for at least a half mile every day.  Do you know how easy that actually is?  The boys and I ran for .74 miles today.  It took less than ten minutes.  I used the MapMyRun app to keep track of our games of chase, tag, and races to the bridge, the tree, the statue that looks like a dog, and the bench. 

In an email to all the virtual racers, the founders wrote, "Last year we had only a 50% success rate. I am hoping this year the numbers will be much greater! Finish what you start! You will be happy you did."

I know I will. 

Will you join me?  Remember, there's lots of great prizes to be won!  Registration closes today.

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